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Odyssey Changes Due to 7/1 Legislation
Posted on Friday, July 01, 2022

Effective July 1st there are several new laws that will take effect and impact Odyssey configuration.  We want you to be aware of the changes that have been made for the various bills affecting the courts and clerks.  Below is a summary of the bills and processes as well as information regarding configuration completed and any steps you will need to take.


2021 SEA 368 – Automatic Juvenile Expungements

This law (IC 31-39-8-3.5) took effect 7/1/21, but because of required timing, no cases could be eligible for expungement until 7/1/22.  This law allows for certain cases to be automatically expunge when a juvenile turns 19 or one year after the juvenile is discharged. 

Court technology has updated the Juvenile Expungement Cheatsheet (beginning on page 6).  In addition, we have created a custom report to assist in identifying cases that may be eligible.  The report is rights and roles driven.  If your county has determined that you should be running the report and you do not have rights, please contact our helpdesk for permissions.


2022 SEA 182 – Criminal (Adult and Juvenile) Expungements

This law allows for certain cases where charges were dismissed, acquitted, or vacated to be expunged under IC 35-8-9.  The law requires that some expungements be ordered and effective immediately, with others after 60 days. 

We have updated the IC 35-38-9 Expungements Cheatsheet (beginning on page 2).  In addition, we have created additional events to track the process as well as time standards which will track timelines in the background.


2022 HEA 1214 – Sealing Eviction Records

This law (IC 32-31-10 and IC 32-31-11) requires a notice to be sent on eviction cases with no activity in 180 days.  From there, courts may take action to dismiss the cases or defendants may request the case be dismissed and sealed. 

Court Technology has added specific events related to this process and added a cheatsheet for Sealing Eviction Cases.


2022 HEA 1260 – Pro Bono Fee

In IC 33-34-8-1, this fee was supposed to sunset July 1st, but that was extended to 2025.  We have ensured that the fee will continue to assess after July 1.


2022 HEA 1300 – Charitable Bail

This law requires that charitable bail organizations be licensed (IC 27-10-2-4.5) and that the license number and address be recorded for on any bonds posted by these organizations (IC 35-33-8-.6).  It also requires that bonds be refunded to the individual who paid the bond rather than the defendant.

We have updated the Adding a Free Standing Cash Bond, Adding a Free Standing Surety Bond, Posting a Cash Bond, and Adding a Surety Bond cheatsheets with steps to add the Bail Agent party with the license number as an Other Agency number on the party record.


2022 SEA 149 – City/Town Courts Clerk Administrative Overpayment Fee

You are now permitted to retain up to $3 of an overpayment as a Clerk Administrative Fee to your Clerk Record Perpetuation Fund per IC 33-37-12-2.  We have updated your refund fee schedule so that when you assess a refund, you will be given a prompt for both fees.  If a person mailed a check for $150 when they owed $147.00, you could put $0 in the Refund and $3 in the Clerk Admin.  If they mailed $150 when they owed $146.50, you could choose to put the whole 3.50 in the refund amount so that you are not writing small dollar checks, or you could put .50 in the refund and 3.00 in the Clerk Admin fee.

Court Technology Help Desk Holiday Closure
Posted on Friday, July 01, 2022

Please note that most State offices, including the Court Technology Help Desk, will be closed Monday, July 4h in observance of a State holiday.  The Help Desk will reopen on Tuesday with our regular business hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern.  We look forward to assisting you.

Trial Court and Clerk Employee Conference
Posted on Wednesday, June 01, 2022
Trial court and elected clerk personnel (clerks, court administrators, court reporters, and bailiffs) are invited to the July 12 Trial Court and Clerk Employee Conference at the Indianapolis Marriott East Hotel. Register by July 5. To receive the $127/night room rate, book your hotel by 5:00 p.m. (Eastern) on June 21. Contact Mary Mitchell with questions.
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