Administrative Rules
Retention Schedules for Court Records

These retention schedules for court records are established by Indiana Supreme Court Administrative Rule 7, and are updated when the rule is updated.

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JurisdictionCase TypeNumberRecord TypeDateRetention Instruction
CivilCivil85-1.1-01REntry Docket1790-c. 1913maintain permanently meeting the standards of Admin. R. 6.
CivilCivil85-1.1-02Issue Docket1790-c. 1913destroy.
CivilCivil85-1.1-03REntry, Issue Docket & Fee Book (Civil Docket, 1970 +)c 1913-1990maintain permanently (may microfilm after 20 years)
CivilCivil85-1.1-04Change of Venue Recordc. 1873 +maintain permanently (may microfilm after 20 years and destroy original).
CivilCivil85-1.1-05Judge’s/Bench/Court Docket1790-c. 1918destroy.
CivilCivil85-1.1-06Clerk’s Docket Day Book/Scratch Book1790-c. 1918destroy.
CivilCivil85-1.1-07Sheriff’s Docket (rare)1790-c. 1918destroy.
CivilCivil85-1.1-08Bar Docket (cases arranged by attorney; not Entry Docket)1790- +destroy.
CivilCivil85-1.1-09Summons Docket (rare)c. 1790- +destroy 6 years after date of last entry.
CivilCivil85-1.1-10Sheriff’s Summons Docket (rare)c. 1790- +destroy 6 years after date of last entry
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