Marriage License Documents
Marriage License Application State Form 53394
Application form prescribed under IC 31-11-4-4. Latest revision October, 2014. After completed and signed, this is a permanent record in the Clerk's office.
Information Review
This form has all the information collected from the applicants. Because it includes SSN, it should NOT be retained in the Clerk's office.
Marriage License
This is the Marriage License form the Officiant completes and returns after the ceremony. It is used to record the marriage and is a permanent record in the Clerk's office.
Social Security Card Application
This form is used to change the name to be shown on applicant's Social Security Card.
"Before You Marry" brochure
This ISDH brochure contains information concerning communicable diseases, which clerks must distribute to marriage license applicants per IC 31-11-4-5.
Application to Search ISDH Records
Fillable PDF form to request a search of ISDH marriage records. This can be used when a county is unable to find a record. Note: there is an $8.00 charge for each search, which includes a certified copy of the Record of Marriage, if one is found.
Certified Refusal Form
For Clerk use to certify a refusal to issue a marriage license per IC 31-11-4-12
Power / Internet Outage Instructions
Instructions to print and keep on hand along with Application, Information Review and Marriage License forms in case of power or Internet outages.
Marriage License Amendment Form
Form available for applicants to request amendments to their Marriage License Record.

Help & Support
SS Card Application and Instructions
This document provides detailed instructions for completing and submitting the application to change the name shown on a Social Security Card. (Also includes the form itself.)
Online Marriage License Application Process
This document lists the steps for processing an application that was initiated online by the couple.
SSN is required—Counter sign
This document can displayed at the counter to show IC 31-11-4-4(d), which is the statute requiring each applicant's Social Security Number. This was effective July 1, 2002.
Basic information about Apostilles, instructions for submitting requests, and links to more detailed information on the Secretary of State website.
Marriage License Update
This document illustrates changes to the INcite Marriage License program.
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