I need help because...
The calculator isn’t generating one of the child support forms

Child Support Obligation Worksheet (CSOW). If the calculator is not generating an obligation amount on the Summary page or a Child Support Obligation Worksheet, then one of the following pieces of information is missing: child information, weekly gross income of both parents, or annual overnights of both parents. If you start a calculation and step away from it for longer than 30 minutes without saving, some information that you previously entered may need to be reentered.

Parenting Time Credit Worksheet (PTCW). If the non-custodial parent has fewer than 52 overnights, that parent will not be awarded a parenting time credit and the PTCW is not required, and therefore is not generated by the calculator.

In situations of third party custody where both parents must pay an obligation to a third party, the PTCW will not be generated because a parenting time credit is not automatically awarded.

Post-Secondary Education Worksheet (PSEW). If none of the children entered into the calculator are engaging in post-secondary education, a PSEW will not be generated.

The calculator is creating a child support obligation for both parents (on the Summary page and on the Child Support Obligation Worksheet)

The calculator should only create an obligation for both parents if the total number of annual overnights for both parents does not add up to 365. In this situation, the calculator assumes that a third party has custody, and both parents are obligated to pay support to that third party.

I want to return to one of the steps to edit the information I entered.

On the Summary screen, under the section heading “Edit a Step,” click the Pencil and Paper icon corresponding to the step you wish to edit. Make changes, and then click the “Summary” button at the bottom of the page.

The calculator isn’t working as expected (e.g., I can’t download a form, a form is missing information, the calculator won’t produce a result, etc.)

In order for the calculator to work properly, you should be using an up-to-date web browser. The calculator has been tested in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

You must also have a PDF viewer such as the free Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view, print, and save the forms generated by the calculator.

If you need technical help with the calculator, you may email helpdesk@courts.in.gov to ask for help. Give specific information about the problem you are having, and we will try to help. However, because computer systems vary so widely, we cannot offer true technical support.

Please do not email the help desk seeking legal advice. Court employees cannot give legal advice; you should seek help from a licensed attorney. For more information on finding an attorney to help you with your case, please see http://www.in.gov/judiciary/probono/2343.htm.

My question isn’t listed here

If you have a question that isn’t listed here, you may email the webmaster at webmaster@courts.in.gov with your question. This page will be updated with common questions and answers as they are identified.