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Ronnie Holden v. State of Indiana

WED, FEB 27, 2002 at 10:15 AM
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IU School of Law - Indianapolis, IN
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Case Summary

Ronnie Holden was convicted in the Marion Superior Court of three counts of forgery and one count of theft. The Court of Appeals affirmed the convictions in an unpublished memorandum decision. Holden v. State, Cause No. 49A02-0101-CR-44 (Aug. 29, 2001). Following the filing of a petition seeking transfer of jurisdiction, the Indiana Supreme Court set the case for oral argument limited to the application of Article I, Section 19 of the Indiana constitution to this case. Oral argument will be conducted at the Indiana University School of Law -- Indianapolis.

Attorneys for Holden: Gary Bowes; Indianapolis, IN

Attorneys for State: Gary Damon Secrest, Deputy Attorney General; Indianapolis, IN.

Court's Action:

12/3/2003: The Supreme Court grants Holden's petition for a rehearing on the grounds that it failed to address several issues raised by Holden, but summarily affirms the decision of the Court of Appeals with respect to those issues.

View the published opinion.

6/30/2003: The Supreme Court finds that the trial court properly refused to give Holden’s tendered instruction and therefore affirms the judgment of the trial court.

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